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LITHOPRINTS counts with one of the most advanced printing facilities in all of Mexico, with cutting-edge machinery and technology, strict sanitary control and a vast production capacity platform.

Our location and equipment give the company the required ability, quality and autonomy to undertake the most complex and demanding projects in a professional, efficient and effective way.

The great majority of our processes are undertaken internally, giving us firm control over every step of the transformation of cardboard.

Constant investment in infrastructure and technological equipment, and the continuous training of our human resources have been the leading engine of our enterprise.

  • Operating area of ore than 390 000 square feet.


    The plant counts with a strategically distributed operating area of more than 390 000 square feet, including raw material, finishing, distribution and packaging areas.

Our warehouses of raw materials have wide variety of domestic and imported materials where your company will hardly find itself limited.

At LITHOPRINTS, reaching maximum production of your product is possible. We know that this area is paramount, so we commit ourselves to constantly import, export, undertake operations and activities as needed so that we always have an optimal supply of the best materials the market.




CTP (direct to plate)

Swage tester

Germany and Spain are regarded internationally for providing the best printing machinery in it's class to the world.


Here at LITHOPRINTS, preoccupied to offer leading technology for our customers, we have dedicated ourselves to import the best printing machinery.

Cutting table



Offset press

Swage cutter


Thanks to all processes implemented at LITHOPRINTS, we can offer a convenient and comprehensive service for every project. This gives us the security that continuous investment and strategic development will generate great results in production volume and quality.

Structural Design




Swage and dyeing




Structural Design

One advantage is that we have our own internal structural design department, where we develop the technical construction package from a functional point of view, taking into account the density, fragility, size and strength of each product, without losing the originality and innovation in the final result.

During this process we create and form the structure to give correct proportions to the packaging; considering the environment, space conditions and the proportional cost


Before your project is printed, we have a team of skilled technicians who are responsible for supervising the future quality of their product. This monitoring provides a detailed review of the processed files, just before releasing the product, which certain items can be evaluated such as images, fonts, relines, etc.


The pre-press covers all the steps before printing, such as text composition, layout, graphic illustrations reproduction, color selection, training and assembly of text, types of swage cutting and plate shearing.


Thanks to our customers requirements and our commitment to the environment, we understand that reducing the waste of paper and cardboard is very important, both to make more efficient the production costs and delivery time. We can achieve this thanks to our cutting-edge cardboard sheeter machinery, which have a huge production capacity and cutting quality.


Our machinery has a high level of automation and accuracy, with the supervision of our work team, we ensure maximum speed, efficiency and quality for your product's presentation.
Our splicers open a door for your company including the micro-corrugated area, where we can offer joint flute-type B, E and F packaging.

Swage and dyeing

Our dyers have the most advanced technology available and their functions may be limitless: cut, etch or scratch different materials, whether they be paper, cardboard, plastics or anything of he sort. Some of the work we do includes leftover cutting, folding crushing puncturing, shearing, stamping,  and marking.
In this regard, the "deburring" is an action that helps eliminate the cut edge roughness, and is detached from the box excess material after making the dye swages.

At our plant we make sure to always recycle these leftovers properly, so as to take care of our environment and reduce over-production of garbage and polluting elements.



We have cutting-edge technology and an extensive assortment of offset equipment. Actually there are few printers in Mexico that use the "computer conventional plate" system. This system, besides achieving better printing quality, LITHOPRINTS positions itself and their customers as an environmentally responsible company, since it avoids the continued use of chemicals previously employed in the development of negatives for offset printing.
Additionally, we have the most reliable offset color test printing   system, which allows us to verify with great fidelity the color of both the CMYK gamut as well as other inks'.


At LITHOPRINTS we make use of the highest quality glues and resins. Our pasteboard has a high quality control. The advanced machinery, together with our dedicated team of technicians, ensure that your product is on the market without any defect and in excellent condition.


At LITHOPRINTS, finishing termination is given to all subsequent printing processes, giving the work of their printing the final form of product presentation. Inside finishing processes include folding, binding, stapling, gluing and any special type of innovation that your company requires.


Quality is everything at LITHOPRINTS. Thus, we do not consider it as a final revision process, but as a continuous one, allowing us to identify errors and mistakes at the ideal moment in order to correct them, assuring that the product fulfills and exceeds the customer's expectations.



Strategic location

The LITHOPRINTS plant is strategically located in the production center of the country, with access to a diverse network of land transportation.







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