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At the end of the day, we work for them.

It is in our hands to ensure that end users receive food, medicine and other products in excellent condition and hygiene. If we also facilitate the user to recognize the confidence that your brand gives them and help you achieve timely deliveries, is not difficult to understand why we represent your best option in pliable packaging and micro-corrugated.

In LITHOPRINTS we are aware of all the work that our clients go through to position their brands and products in the market regarding marketing strategies, branding or new product or brand releases.

Many will say that we are only box manufacturers. But you know as well as we that's not so. We consider ourselves as a vehicle for safety and protection for the products of our customers and, further on, for the customers of our clients.

LITHOPRINTS is one of the few presses in Mexico that offers a comprehensive range of special outcomes which ennobles printed surfaces and allows the best positioning of your brand at national and international levels according to the following fundamentals:


Ease of use. Development of practical features for the end user such as Easy-Open, lids, reusable fasteners, dispenser lids, etc. Overall, it is about tools that enhance the handling of the packages and save time for the end user.


Ecology. Implement the use of recycled or biodegradable materials, which is more frequent every day.


Production. Improve the production processes where less energy is used to pile and distribute products, as a way to help the environment.



The first relation between the consumer and the product is through the packaging.


An appropriate package can make the difference and definitely influence the shopping decision. If the product is attractive physically, a relationship is established beyond the price or other issues.

Functionality, structural design.

The effect created by good functionality of a structural design is very important, because the  interaction between the end-user with the package will be satisfactory and their expectations will always be to choose a functional package from its first use to the last.


Impact, special finishes.

The buyer's selection depends a lot on the physical appearance and special finishes that the packaging presents: brightness, color and shape. It is the trigger for many consumers to buy something.


Durability, strong materials.

Durability of the packaging is obtained through the quality of the materials used in the production process, and it is vital in distribution and exhibition logistics so that it is physically available as soon as it is acquired by the end-user.


Protection, quality planning.

One of the main objectives in the development of packaging is the product's security. It is a key process in the user's experience, because of the internal and external demands are considered to deliver the required protection that the product needs.

Within the main benefits of an appropriate package we find:


Product protection. Make the product reach the consumer or end user in good condition.

The package should help sell the product. Firstly, making the purveyor want to distribute it (for example, easiness of transport, storage and handling); and secondly, giving a good impression to the en user.

Market differentiation. This can be the element that makes the difference against the competitors' products, specially those with the same quality.








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