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In very little time, LITHOPRINTS has become one of the five leaders in the industry –both in production capacity and market participation–, a result of our commitment to our customers, the environment and our community, just as our investment in cutting-edge technology and human resources.

Constant investment.

In infrastructure and technological equipment, and the continuous training of our human resources have been the leading engine of our enterprise.

  • Current production volume.


    Transformation 1700 monthly tons of cardboard, with a potential total of 1700, in constant growth.


The purpose and objective at LITHOPRINTS is to become the leaders in pliable and micro-corrugated boxes, keeping a clear quality design with constant improvement, allowing us to include every employee and shareholder within a common purpose.


Maintain and increase our technology and human resources investments to keep or increase current customer participation at 5% annually, for as long as their demands allow.



Our way of thinking defines who we are.

Human resources, processes, quality and the customer are the bases on which all improvements are made at LITHOPRINTS, from resource optimization and production fluidity improvements to commercial strategies.

A great

human team

backs a great


Our efficiency

goes hand

in hand with

our processes

Our quality is

the result of accepting

that things can

always improve

In the end,
our satisfaction
is their satisfaction

Experienced obtained through participation in big projects allows us to accumulate knowledge that optimizes and strengthens the relationships with our customers. The final goal is to create an alliance, a result that we've only achieved through strict following of our methodology.


In the face of changing times and environments, we are a key item in the fulfillment of your packaging, presentation and distribution needs with a high efficiency rating.


We know that your company is made up of several areas, and we communicate swiftly and openly with each one of them to anticipate and satisfy your needs.


Each project represents new technical, environmental and economic challenge, and we love to generate solutions with the ingenuity and efficiency that set us apart.


Big projects require material and human resources to support them. That's why we continually invest in technology and training, and increase our production capacity.


The integration of our work teams will allow you to see us not as your purveyor, but as your packaging and warehouse department.








Let us invite you to form a partnership.

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Carretera Cuautitlán - Tlalnepantla, Km. 32, No. 10, Bodegas 5 a 13, Col. Loma Bonita, Cuautitlán México, Estado de México. C.P. 54800

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